Thursday, February 12, 2009

Casey Plants Drugs on Elwood

Margo and Tom are at the police station, and Margo is feeling guilty for going out of town for the night. She learns that Reg died of a drug overdose last night. She is grateful that Casey wasn't involved, but then she learns Reg collapsed at Casey's 21st birthday party. Tom leaves to check on Casey.

Casey and Jade wake up, hung over. They can't believe they slept together. They hear a knock on the door and rush to get dressed. However, Noah and Luke walk in; everyone feels uncomfortable. Noah and Luke tell Casey and Jade about Reg's death and their theory that Elwood sold him the drugs they found in his jacket pocket. Casey tells them they don't have enough evidence to go to the police, so he takes matters into his own hands. He calls Elwood and leaves him a message, asking him to meet Casey in the park. Jade doesn't think this is such a good idea, but Casey doesn't care.

Craig arrives at Carly's to give her bad news. The deal they had with the distributor fell through. Carly is disappointed. Craig says he has set up another meeting with a different distributor, but they have to leave now to make it to New York in time. Carly is angry with Craig and reminds him she can't just take off any time she wants to - she has kids to take care of. Craig reminds her of the money involved and how much success they will have, and Carly is sold. She goes to get ready to leave for New York.

At the hospital, Margo finds Alison and asks her some questions about Casey's birthday party. Alison is offended Margo would think she would know who might have had drugs at the party, and she reminds Margo she no longer uses drugs. Alison also informs Margo she and Casey are no longer involved. Matt arrives and tells Margo about the party and his new job at Yo's. Margo is surprised to see Matt as she didn't know he had been released from jail yet. After Margo leaves, Matt asks Alison if she wants to take a walk in the park on her break, and she agrees.

Tom comes home to find his house a wreck. He also discovers Jade's bra and thinks it's Alison's. He calls Margo to tell her there's trouble at the house. When she arrives, Tom shows her the bra and tells her he thinks it's Alison's, but Margo tells him Alison says she's no longer involved with Casey. They both wonder who the bra belongs to, and Tom leaves to find Casey.

Craig and Carly have their meeting in New York. Craig thinks it went really well, but Carly isn't so sure, until he reminds her how great she was in the meeting. She finally agrees she did well. Craig invites Carly to celebrate over lunch. They arrive at a private club in Brooklyn. Craig informs her this is more research. He has set up several bottles of vodka and tells her they need to sample more varieties from different countries. Carly seems to be enjoying herself and tells Craig this is the most fun she's had in a long time. He asks her which vodka is her favorite, and she tells him she can't decide. He blindfolds her and asks her to taste a vodka and to tell him where it came from. She is able to do so, and Craig is impressed with how much knowledge she can retain. They nearly kiss, but Craig backs off and leads a tipsy Carly out of the bar.

Casey is waiting for Elwood in the park. Matt spots him and comes to talk with Casey. Casey tells Matt about their suspicions that Elwood sold Reg the drugs and his plan to set up Elwood. Matt asks if he needs back-up, but Casey says he's fine. Matt walks away.

Luke and Jade go to Java for coffee. Noah is working. Luke asks Jade what she was thinking sleeping with Casey. He reminds her the whole point of last night was to get Casey and Alison together, but Jade insists Alison is over Casey.

Elwood arrives at the park and he and Casey rehash the past. Casey complains about being kicked out of school and his job as a janitor. Casey asks Elwood for drugs, but Elwood insists he doesn't know what Casey is talking about and turns to walk away. Casey grabs him and slips the drugs found in Reg's pocket into Elwood's book bag. Matt comes back after Elwood leaves and Casey tells him what happened. Allie arrives at the park to meet Matt and finds Casey there as well. Casey starts walking off, but then turns and apologizes to Alison for being mean to her last night. Allie tells him it is fine, that Matt took good care of her. She tells him she knows he took Jade back home and slept with her. Casey storms off. Alison tells Matt how she saw Jade and Casey last night and says it's all her fault.

Casey arrives at Java and tells Luke, Noah, and Jade what happened at the park. He tells them that he slipped the drugs into Elwood's bag and begs Luke and Noah to go to the police to have them pick him up. They are hesitant, but Casey tells them if they don't go to the police, he will. They agree to go, and walk out.

Jade tells Casey he did the right thing, when Tom walks into Java and tells Casey they need to talk. Tom demands to know what on earth Casey is doing with Jade. Casey tells his father his love life is not his business. Tom tells Casey about Reg's death, and Casey says he'll do anything to avenge him. Tom wants to know what that means when Jade interrupts. He hands Jade back her bra and tells Casey and Jade to be more discrete next time. Tome leaves.

Luke and Noah arrive at the police station and talk with Margo. They tell her they believe Elwood sold Reg the drugs and Margo orders that Elwood be brought in for questioning. Shortly thereafter, Elwood arrives and Margo wants to know if he knew Reg. She tells him that Reg died of an overdose of hydrocodone and alcohol. Elwood is nervous, but tells her he had nothing to do with it. She asks to search his book bag and he agrees while another officer pats him down. Margo doesn't find any drugs in the bag, so she releases him.

At the hospital, Matt tells Alison she deserves better. She tells him how she wishes it were spring because it makes her feel good. She says she wants to have a picnic in the woods, away from everyone, except Matt. On her break, Allie discovers Matt has thrown her a picnic in the hospital. Allie is really touched Matt remembered all of her favorite things to eat and tells him he is a great friend.

Noah and Luke return to Java and tell Casey the police didn't find anything in the bag. Casey is shocked. He vents to Jade and says he needs to come up with another plan to get Elwood locked up. Jade wants to talk about their relationship.

Carly and Craig arrive at her house, but Carly is still feeling horrible from all the vodka. Craig goes to make hot chocolate and Carly teases him about doing housework. The distributor calls Craig and tells him he loves their idea and wants to sign with them. Craig tells Carly and they are thrilled. Craig kisses her, but she pulls away quickly. Craig tells Carly it was just a business kiss, but swears it will never happen again because it upset Carly so much. Craig returns to making hot chocolate in the kitchen.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Craig and Carly Meet With A Distributor

At Al's, Jack is feeling very tired. He wants to go to the station to help with Eliza's search, but Janet points out that he can't do anything for a search that's going on in New York. They talk about Sage's play, and Janet says she isn't going because it will be awkward for Sage to have her mother and stepmother there. She also says she didn't get a ticket to go. At that moment, Carly comes in and drops off tickets for Jack and Janet to go to Sage's play. As the three talk, Craig calls, but Carly ignores it.

Josie tries to encourage Meg about Eliza, but Meg seems inconsolable. Meg begs Paul to try to have a vision. Dusty tells her it won't work. Josie reminds him that it helped him find Johnny, but Dusty denies the vision helped at all. Paul says he's been trying to have a vision, but he hasn't had any. Meg takes his hand while Paul holds Eliza's blanket. She describes a scene with Eliza in it and Paul has a vision. He sees the outdoors and hears a wolf. He then see a statue of a dog in Central Park. Dusty shows Paul a travel guide of the area and Paul is able to pick out the statue he saw in his vision. Paul goes to tell Barbara they are leaving to find the statue, and the four of them leave.

Carly talks to Craig outside. He tells her he has found a distributor for their vodka line, but they have to go to Chicago today because he will be out of town for a month. Carly says she can't go because she has to get Sage ready for her play, but Craig tells her how big of a deal this is. She finally agrees.

Inside Al's, Jack watches Carly and Craig talk, intently. Janet gets upset with him obsessing over Carly's life again and asks him to help her fill salt and pepper shakers so that she will be at Sage's play on time. Janet obsesses about what she will wear and says she wants to look perfect for the occasion. She says she doesn't want to embarrass Sage. Jack agrees to help her.

When Carly comes back into Al's, Janet and Jack are kissing. She asks them to pick Sage up from school, to dress her in her costume, and to do her makeup. Janet says she can handle Sage's makeup, and Carly makes sure Janet understands the makeup needs to be subtle.

Paul, Meg, Josie, and Dusty arrive at Central Park. They see a couple who is holding red flowers. Dusty convinces Paul to distract them. He walks over to the couple and learns they are there to buy Eliza. He takes them on a walk while Meg and Dusty take their place. They pick up the red flowers and the real thief approaches. They say they are there to buy a baby and the thief asks if they have the money. Dusty hands the thief some money and he asks where the rest is. They say they want to see the baby first. The thief tells them he has a baby girl and tells them to wait there while he goes to get her. Dusty wants to follow him, but Meg begs him to stay there with her so the thief doesn't realize something is up.

Jack and Janet arrive at Sage's school to pick her up. She immediately asks where her mom is, and Janet said she had to go to a meeting, but would be back to see her in the play. Sage is disappointed and doesn't seem to believe Janet is capable of doing her makeup. At the farm, Janet struggles to figure out what Carly meant by subtle makeup. Jack is making her nervous, so she makes him leave the room. Sage tells Janet she is worried about remembering her lines and Janet admits she's worried about subtle makeup. Janet puts on the finishing touches - some sparkly makeup on Sage's face, then shows her the finished product. Sage is thrilled, and goes to get her wings. Jack, who had been watching from the porch, comes back in and tells Janet she did wonderfully. Sage comes back into the room with her wings on, ready for the play.

Craig and Carly finish their meeting in Chicago, and Carly isn't convinced it went so well. Craig thinks it went fine, however. Carly complains that the vallet isn't waiting for them, and when they spot him, he goes the other way. The distributor catches up with them outside and asks how soon they can start production. Craig cuts Carly off and says they can start right away. They go back inside with the distributor and talk about the details.

The couple Paul is distracting demands to know where he is taking them. Paul loses it and tells them they are horrible people for buying a baby, that Eliza is his child and that she's been kidnapped. The couple run off. Josie follows the thief when he goes to get the baby. She hears him tell his partner they will sell the baby to someone else. She tries to stop them, but they slug her and put her inside the car with Eliza and drive off.

Paul returns to Meg and Dusty and they fill him in on what's happened. They say they've been waiting a half an hour for the thief to bring Eliza to them, but he hasn't shown up. Meg blames herself for letting the thief get away. They realize Josie is missing. Paul tries to call her cell, but she doesn't answer. They walk around looking for her. Paul and Dusty argue about what to do. Paul thinks Dusty and Meg should go to the police and identify the thief.

Craig and Carly make it back in town, but miss Sage's play. Sage is so excited she remembered all of her lines. Jack tells Carly the school taped it, and she'll be able to see it on tape. Carly is disappointed she missed her daughter's play. Sage comes over and asks her mom how she thought she was in the play. Carly tells Sage she is wonderful, and Sage doesn't realize she's missed the play.

The thieves drag Josie and Eliza out of the car and lock her in a room. Josie drops her bracelet on the ground. Josie does her best to calm Eliza down, but she won't stop crying. Meg, Paul, and Dusty find the bracelet by the house and are trying to decide what to do when Meg realizes she hears Eliza crying. Meg wants to burst into the house. Paul and Dusty head for the door when the thieves come outside. Paul and Dusty fight them while Meg runs into the house and finds Josie and Eliza. When they come back outside, the police arrive and arrest the thieves. The cops then arrest Paul. Meg and Dusty make sure Josie will be okay before they walk away.

Janet and Jack take Sage back to the farm. She cannot stop talking about how great the play was. She thanks Janet for her help and for making her so pretty. She even gives Janet a kiss. Janet is extremely excited to have Sage's gratitude, and Janet and Jack celebrate the fact that Sage is coming around.

Craig goes back to Carly's with her. He says they should celebrate their business, but Carly is still disappointed about missing Sage's play. Craig tells her she's doing a good thing, that she will be able to provide for her family both emotionally and financially. Carly admits she is scared to be rich because every time she's had money, she's ended up more broke than she's ever been. She doesn't want to put her kids through that. Craig reminds Carly he doesn't want to lose Johnny either, and that any business opportunity he is going to get involved in will be 100% legit. They decide to celebrate after all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Role Reversal

Katie and Brad want to make love, but the camera crew bursts into their room. Brad gets them out, and then he and Katie discuss whether or not they are doing the right thing. Neither one likes the constant attention they are getting from the camera crew, but Katie wants to see Brad get his job back. Brad comes up with a plan. They get dressed and put their robes over their clothes. They tell the camera crew they have to make sure Liberty gets off to school before they film. Once the camera crew has gone into another room, Brad and Katie take their robes off and leave.

Meg hears Eliza crying in her sleep and believes she is in the room. She wakes to find she is not there. Dusty tells her it was just a dream. Meg cries, and Dusty comforts her.

At home, Holden calls Jack, but finds there is not new news on Eliza. He wonders why Meg isn't answering her phone or e-mails, and Lily informs him that Dusty is with her. Holden is displeased with this news. He insists Dusty is the reason Eliza is missing. He calls Meg again, and Dusty answers her phone. He tells Dusty he knew marrying Meg would upset Paul, and that he is coming over to pick Meg up. Lily tells Holden not to fight with Dusty, and he leaves.

Josie wakes up and notices her phone is missing. Paul shows her he has it, and wonders if she was going to turn him into the police. She tells him she was hoping he would turn himself in, but Paul still refuses. Josie gathers her things and tells Paul she doesn't want to be a part of his kidnapping. She goes to leave, but Paul blocks her. Paul asks Josie what makes her think she has a choice. Paul tells her if she turns him into the cops, he will just tell them the entire idea was hers.

Henry and Vienna eat at the Lakeview. Henry complains about the dog eating off his plate, and Vienna tells him it won't happen again. They discuss the dog's obedience training, and Vienna admits Pepper failed the course. They also discuss kids and Henry remarks he is glad they are not going to have any. Henry makes Vienna promise not to feed Pepper any more table food. In exchange, Henry agrees to allow Pepper to sleep in his sweater drawer. When Henry takes a business call outside, Vienna stuffs table food into her purse for Pepper.

Holden arrives at Dusty's room at the Lakeview. Meg hugs Holden, but tells him she is fine at the Lakeview with Dusty. Holden yells at Dusty, telling him it is his fault Eliza is missing. He says their marriage pushed him to go over the edge. Dusty snaps back at Holden. Meg commands both of them to stop fighting. She says she'll go home with Holden. She thanks Dusty for everything he's done for her.

Josie tells Paul she will give him an hour to turn himself in, then she will turn him into the cops. Eliza begins to cry, distracting Paul. While he attends to Eliza, Josie is able to slip out. She bangs on people's doors, but no one will answer. Paul finds her and begs her to listen to him and to give him one week of time with his daughter. He tells her at the end of one week, he will take Eliza back himself. Josie agrees to the deal.

At the Lakeview, Katie and Brad run into Vienna and Henry. Katie and Brad tell them they need a room because the camera crews are driving them crazy while they try to make a baby. Vienna is thrilled at the news, but Henry tells the couple they are making a mistake, saying babies are a lot of work. Brad goes to get them a room while Katie and Vienna continue to talk. Henry again points out the negatives of having kids, and Vienna tells him he is turning into a grouch. Brad returns and tells Katie the hotel is booked. The camera crew is looking for them within the hotel, and they narrowly escape into the elevator. Up in Vienna and Henry's room, Katie worries Kim will cancel the show if they skip out on her. Vienna comes up with the idea of switching places with them. She puts on a blond wig and Katie's clothes while Henry takes Brad's clothes. They leave to take the camera crew on a goose chase so that Katie and Brad can have some privacy.

Paul finds a room with some music and puts it on. He dances with Eliza. Josie sees there is a phone in the room. They go into another area and Josie tells Paul after this, she will be living alone somewhere, away from people because they are too much trouble. Paul tells her that isn't a good idea. Paul inquires about Dusty, but Josie doesn't want to talk about it. Paul speculates Eliza must be getting hungry and he goes to make her another bottle, telling Josie when Meg got pregnant, he read everything he could about babies. When he leaves, Josie phones Dusty to tell him Eliza is okay and that Meg will get her back, but she needs to be patient. Dusty wants to know where she and Paul are, but she won't disclose her location. She makes sure Dusty will deliver the message before she hangs up. Paul comes back into the room and catches her just as she hangs up the phone.

At the Lakeview, Katie and Brad make love. Katie is positive she is pregnant now and she wonders if she'll be a good mom. Brad tells her she'll be a great mom, and offers her advice about not being over-protective. Katie just rolls her eyes. Katie suggests they make love again to ensure the pregnancy took.

Vienna and Henry lead the camera crew back to Katie and Brad's. They go into the bedroom, and the camera crew follows. They pretend to make love. The camera crew leaves for lunch and Vienna and Henry go into the living room. Vienna gets quiet. She tells Henry she believes Brad and Katie have the right idea, to have a baby. Henry insists he doesn't want that kind of commitment. Vienna leaves upset, telling Henry if he won't give her a baby, she will find someone who will.

At the farm, Holden gives Meg a hard time, reminding her that Dusty is bad news. Meg insists she was trying to help Dusty, and Dusty was helping her. He asks Meg why she won't allow her family to help, and she doesn't have an answer. They go upstairs to check on Emma. Meg says Emma being sick is part of the reason she stayed at the Lakeview, telling him she didn't want to see everyone's fear and sadness.

Lily visits Dusty at the Lakeview. Dusty blames himself for Eliza's disappearance, but Lily insists Dusty is not responsible, Paul is. Dusty tells Lily he is going to back off and just let Meg be because she doesn't need him in her life.

Josie tells Paul he trapped her. He tells her he had to be sure she wouldn't turn him in. She swears she just told Dusty to let Meg know Eliza is all right. She says now Paul has to keep his end of the deal.

Lily returns to the farm to find Meg scrubbing. She finds one of Eliza's bottles and worries she might be hungry. Lily assures Meg Paul is taking good care of her. Lily tells Holden about her meeting with Dusty. She tells him Dusty is going to back down, but Holden is not reassured.

Dusty comes to the farm after he receives Josie's call. He tells Meg that Josie called and that she is with Paul. He tells her Josie says Eliza is okay and that she will be home soon. Lily asks Dusty if he trusts Josie's word, and he says he does. Holden wants to know why Dusty didn't call the police, and Dusty tells him he thought Meg should be the first to know about the call. Holden goes to call the cops.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Paul Runs With Eliza

As the World Turns update for Tuesday February 3, 2009

Carly is preparing to make dinner, but Parker tells her he has to work on a project with a friend, and he figured he'd just stay at his house tonight. Carly tells him he needs to ask, so Parker asks permission. Carly okays him staying at his friend's house, and Parker leaves.

Parker calls Liberty from Old Town. Liberty hangs up after they talk and asks her mother for permission to stay at her friend, Sasha's house. Janet agrees to the plan, and Liberty leaves.

At the Lakeview, Dusty and Meg accuse Barbara of helping Paul kidnap Eliza. Barbara insists she did not help him. In fact, she doesn't think Paul would kidnap Eliza at all. Jack arrives and questions Meg and Barbara about what happened. Jack asks where Barbara last saw Paul, and she tells him he was at Fairwinds when she left. She tells Meg Paul wanted her to call her and meet with her so she could see Eliza to make sure she is okay. Meg is convinced, after hearing this, that Paul kidnapped Eliza. Jack sends someone to check out Fairwinds and puts an amber alert out for Eliza. He also sends people out to check the train stations and airport. Meg begs him to find Eliza. Jack tells Meg to get some rest because it might be a long night.

Sasha's mom runs into Janet at the restaurant and informs Janet Sasha is in Indiana with her dad. Janet is furious, takes the rest of her shift off, and goes to Carly's.

Carly wants to go shopping and runs into Craig and Johnny who are shopping for new school clothes. Johnny asks Carly if they can go to her house. Craig tells Johnny they can't go to Carly's everyday because she's a busy woman, but Carly says she's not that busy and they can come over for dinner.

Josie leaves a note for Dusty at the Lakeview in his mailbox. She tells him she is leaving town and she is sorry about the way things ended.

As Josie is driving out of town, Paul pops up in the backseat. Josie is alarmed to see that he has Eliza with him. She asks if Meg knows Eliza is with him, and when she finds out Paul took Eliza, she says she is going to turn her car around, but Paul threatens her with a gun. Josie keeps driving because she doesn't want to be killed, but continues to try to get Paul to turn himself in.

At Carly's, Janet informs her that Liberty is missing. She asks Carly to call Parker's friend to see if he is really there. Craig tells them that won't be necessary, and admits he gave Parker some spending money when he asked him to buy toys for Johnny. He says Parker mentioned wanting Metalica tickets and Janet realizes Parker and Liberty are at the concert in Chicago. Carly and Janet are furious with Craig. Craig tells them he will go to Chicago and bring them home himself. He also apologizes and says he thought Parker cleared the concert with them. Craig and Carly go to Chicago and Janet agrees to watch Johnny until they get back with the kids.

Jack learns there has been no sign of Paul at the train station or the airport and that Fairwinds is empty. He wonders where Paul could have taken Eliza on foot.

At the Lakeview, Meg blames herself for Eliza's kidnapping. Dusty tries to comfort her and tells her it isn't her fault. He gets Meg to lay down with him to get some rest, though she is reluctant to do so.

In the car, Paul keeps getting calls from his mother. Josie finally convinces him to answer the phone so that Meg can know Eliza is okay. Barbara tries to get Paul to come back to the Lakeview. Paul tells her not to send the police because if she does, none of them will see him or Eliza again. Paul tells Barbara he is James Stenbeck's son before he hangs up on her.

Janet calls Jack at the station to tell him what Parker and Liberty did. He rushes over to Carly's so that he will be there when the kids come back. Johnny comes downstairs, asking where his father is, and Janet tells him to lay down and close his eyes. She tells him when he opens his eyes again, his dad will be home.

At the Lakeview the next morning, Meg apologizes to Dusty for keeping him awake most of the night, but he assures her it is okay. She wonders why she hasn't heard anything and tells Dusty she is going down to the police station. Before they leave, a hotel staff member delivers Josie's letter to Dusty.

At Carly's, Craig and Carly return with the kids in the morning. When they see Jack and Janet waiting there, they know they are in trouble. Janet and Jack leave with Liberty, telling her she won't be seeing Parker for a very long time. Jack heads back to the station. Parker asks if he can go upstairs, and Carly tells him to make himself comfortable up there because he will be there for a while.

At the station, Jack is disappointed they still have not found Paul. Meg and Dusty come down and remind him about the tunnels running under Fairwinds. They check them out, but find nothing. Meg finds one of Eliza's blankets and cries, worrying about her daughter.

The next morning, Josie pulls over to the side of the road, telling Paul she is too exhausted to continue driving. He threatens to shoot her again. Josie get out of the car and tells Paul if he wants to shoot her, he should just do it already. Paul shows her his "gun," which is really a baby bottle, and Josie is furious. They hear sirens, but Josie does not flag them down. Paul begs Josie to listen to his side of the story and they go into a clinic. A nurse mistakes them for a different couple and shows them to the break room where she says they can wait until their room is ready. Paul checks out snacks for himself while Eliza cries. Two police officers show up and Josie tells them she was forced there. They are really actors in a reality television show. They leave. Josie encourages Paul to turn himself in again, but Paul refuses. Paul tells Josie she should eat something, but she says she's too tired. Paul tells her to hold Eliza. He goes to get food for her, but when he turns around, he finds Josie and Eliza out cold.

Parker comes down to get a drink of water. Carly is still angry at him, but tells him to go upstairs and they will talk later. As Parker gets his drink, Craig asks him how the concert was. This sends Carly into a rage and she demands Craig get out and stay out of her life for good this time. Craig doesn't think she is serious, but she insists Jack is right -- Craig isn't good for her kids.

At the Lakeview, Meg continues to cry over Eliza's things. Dusty assures her Paul won't hurt his daughter. He encourages Meg to get some rest, and tells her if he hears anything he will wake her up. Dusty finally reads Josie's letter. He calls Josie to tell her he is sorry about the way things ended, too. He also tells her Paul took Eliza and if she knows anything to call him.

At the clinic, Paul finds Josie's phone vibrating. He listens to Dusty's message and deletes it while she sleeps. He wakes Josie up and leads her to a dressing room. He tells her she can rest there, and when she wakes up, they will figure out what to do next. Josie lays down and falls back to sleep.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Eliza Goes Missing

As the World Turns Update for Monday February 2, 2009

In Dusty's hotel room, Dusty wakes up to find Meg getting ready to leave. He thanks her for staying with him and for being a good friend. They talk about their very short-lived marriage and Eliza. Meg tells Dusty she needs to see Paul to set him straight about their future. She says Paul won't believe her lawyer or anyone else; she has to tell Paul they have no future together herself. Dusty insists Meg leave Eliza with him so that she is safe. Meg agrees.

At Fairwinds, Paul tells his mom about Johnny. Barbara is angry and asks how Paul could have done such a thing as to get Johnny taken away from Dusty. She also tells him that he probably alienated Meg terribly, but Paul insists that Meg still loves him and wants to be with him.

Alison runs into Emily at the Lakeview. She admits to Emily she did have feelings for Casey and apologizes. She says she feels really dumb because she thought Casey might have feelings for her, too, but she knows he doesn't now because he stood her up. Emily listens as Alison tells her all about Casey stood her up for the rooftop meeting. Emily acts like she is sorry to hear this, but then tells Alison Casey was probably using her to get back at Emily. Emily tells Alison she thinks Casey never got over her, but Alison isn't so sure.

When Luke finds Casey at Al's, he is upset. He tells Luke Alison keeps pushing him away. Luke inquires about how the rooftop meeting went, but Casey has no idea what Luke is talking about. Luke tells Casey he was supposed to meet Alison on the hospital rooftop and that Jade was supposed to give him the message. Casey tells Luke he saw Jade, but she never gave him the message.

Meg arrives at Fairwinds to find Paul and Barbara talking. Barbara gives them some privacy to talk while she makes some tea. Meg tells Paul she is upset with him for how he acted at the trial. Paul tells her he did that for her own good, and Meg tells Paul that he is scaring her. Meg tells Paul that she is going to have her lawyer do everything he can do to quickly finalize the divorce and to provide Paul with limited, supervised visitations. Paul is outraged, telling Meg she can't do that. Paul accuses Meg of loving Dusty the whole time they were married. Meg, pushed to the edge, tells Paul he is right. As the yelling escalates, Barbara comes back into the room and demands to know what is going on. Meg tells her that Paul has just made her decision much easier - she will do everything she can to keep Paul out of Eliza's life.

Luke spots Jade outside and drags her in. He demands to know why she didn't tell Casey to meet Allie. Jade insists she was doing it for Casey's own good. Jade says she wanted to protect Casey from getting hurt. Casey is furious and storms off to find Allie.

At the hospital, Matt surprises Allie. He asks if Casey is working today and how he is, but Allie tells Matt he should ask Casey himself. Matt wants to know what is going on and convinces Allie to go on a walk with him in the park. Casey just misses Alison at the hospital and another nurse tells him where he can find her. In the park, Allie tells Matt about her feelings for Casey and what happened on the roof. Matt wants to know if he can do anything to help, and Allie tells him to kiss her. He is confused, but he does it anyway. Casey sees the kiss in the distance. When he's gone, Allie tells Matt Casey was just there watching them. He tells Allie she should just talk to him about the way she feels, but Alison doesn't think that's a good idea.

At the Lakeview, Emily runs into Dusty. Emily asks about how the hearing went, and Dusty lets her know Craig got custody of Johnny. Emily says if Dusty married her, he would have had a better shot of keeping Johnny. She says she bets Dusty regrets not taking her up on her offer, but Dusty says he doesn't regret it at all. Emily tells Dusty she thinks he is using Eliza as a substitute child. She finally leaves.

Meg returns to Dusty's room and tells him what happened with Paul. Dusty suggests she stay with him because Paul might try to find her and Eliza at the farm, but Meg insists she can handle Paul. She tells Dusty she has to deal with Paul herself. She offers to stay with Dusty another night if he needs her to, but Dusty says he needs to deal with not having custody of Johnny on his own, too.

At Fairwinds, Barbara tells Paul he needs to be calm and patient if he is going to have any chance of having Eliza or Meg in his life. She tells him she is going to call her legal team for a recommendation for a lawyer for him. He finally agrees, but asks her to do him a favor first. He wants her to call Meg and see if she will allow Barbara to see Eliza to make sure she is okay. Barbara does and Meg agrees to meet her in the lobby of the Lakeview as long as Paul does not come with her or show up. Barbara assures her that he won't.

After Casey leaves Al's, Luke asks Jade the real reason she kept Casey from meeting Allie. She insists she was doing a good deed, but Luke says he knows her better than that. He says Jade doesn't do good deeds unless there's something in it for her. Jade asks him how to fix things, and Luke tells her to figure it out and not put Luke in the middle of it.

Matt finds Casey at Al's and tries to explain to him what happened in the park and Allie's perspective, but Casey doesn't want to hear about it. Matt tells Casey he should talk to Allie, but Casey insists their relationship, or any chance of one developing, is over.

Jade goes to Emily's office to pick up her first paycheck. Emily tells Jade she certainly earned her first paycheck. Jade asks Emily if she still loves Casey. Emily admits she has always cared about and still cares about him. Jade asks if Emily loves Allie and Emily tells her Allie is her sister. Jade asks if she wants two people she cares about to be happy, and Emily says she does, just not together.

Luke finds Alison at the hospital and he tells her Casey didn't know about the rooftop meeting. Allie is surprised. She seems to feel guilty about kissing Matt earlier, but doesn't tell Luke. She tells Luke she and Casey's relationship is over.

Meg meets Barbara in the lobby at the Lakeview. Barbara admires her sleeping granddaughter. Barbara begins to plead Paul's case, but Meg doesn't want to hear it, and starts to leave. Barbara then pleads her own case, and asks Meg not to exclude her from Eliza's life. Meg assures Barbara she won't exclude her from the baby's life. The lights go out and everyone is shocked and alarmed. The hotel manager comes out and tells everyone to remain seated and calm and that the generator will be on soon. When the lights come back on, Dusty comes down to check on Meg and Eliza. Meg says Eliza is fine, she probably slept through it. But when she goes to look at her daughter, she realizes she is gone!

Paul walks in the park with Eliza telling her that daddy is here, everything is okay.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Johnny's Custody Hearing

Craig goes to Carly's house hungover, but tells Carly he wants to apologize for some of the things he said last night. He asks Carly for a favor - to be a character witness for him at the custody hearing. Carly says she can't do that without perjuring herself, though. She suggests asking Katie or Margo to be a character witness for him instead, but Craig reminds her they can barely stand to be in the same room with him. She suggests speaking from his heart and being honest with the judge. Craig asks Carly if she thinks he could make a good father, and Carly tells him if he can provide Johnny with safety and security. Craig leaves Carly's angry.

Meg and Dusty get ready for the hearing at the farm. Dusty tells Meg Emma still isn't speaking to him, but hopes she will come around eventually. Emma has agreed to watch Johnny during the hearing. Meg tells Dusty Lily agreed to watch Eliza during the hearing as well.

Josie arrives at Fairwinds to check on Paul. She tells Paul to accept that Meg and Dusty are married, but she doesn't think it will last because Dusty married Meg to get custody of Johnny. Paul thinks she is giving him false hope, but Josie assures him she is not. Paul receives a call and receives some news he seems rather pleased about. He talks about teaching Dusty a lesson before he leaves.

At the courthouse, Craig fires his lawyer, and Carly asks him if he is trying to lose this case. Craig tells her he is just taking her advice. Craig asks Carly what she is doing there and she tells him she is there to support him from the sidelines.

Meg and Dusty tell Tom they got married a couple of days ago in order to show the judge that they can provide a stable, secure, two-parent home for Johnny.

Craig tells Tom he has no hard feelings, but then goes on to bring up the Adam and Hal situation and tells Tom considering the way Adam turned out he may have been better off with his biological father.

Carly runs into Meg before the hearing. Meg asks her what she is doing there and Carly tells her she is there to support Craig. Carly asks if Meg is there to support Dusty, and Meg tells Carly she is there to support her husband.

Josie warns Dusty Paul may try to disrupt the hearing, but Dusty thinks Josie should be smarter than to believe Paul would have anything on him.

At their apartment, Katie and Brad make love. Later, they go down to the station to see if Brad can have his job back. Kim says Brad has made too many mistakes, and can't have his job back. After Brad leaves, Kim says she has an idea and tells Katie she wants to video her and Brad's journey to having a baby. Katie agrees, as long as if it works out, Kim has to give Brad's job back.

Josie tries to stop Paul from making a scene in the courtroom, but he barges in anyway. He tells the judge Meg and Dusty's marriage isn't legal. When Tom tells the judge the hearing isn't about the marriage, but Johnny, the judge tells Tom that since Dusty is claiming to be able to provide a stable, two-parent home while Craig cannot, the validity of the marriage is relevant.

Paul hands the Judge documents that prove the divorce document Meg filed in Reno was backdated so she and Dusty wouldn't have to wait to get married. He also tells the Judge Dusty only married Meg so he could get full custody of Johnny. He tells the Judge if he doesn't believe Paul he can ask Josie.

Craig asks Josie several questions about Meg and Dusty's marriage and she confirms the marriage was done so Dusty could get custody of his son. Dusty brings up Craig was trying to do the same thing by getting married to Carly. Dusty also reminds Craig he promise Jennifer he would take care of Johnny and that Craig promised Lucy they would stop fighting over Johnny. The Judge says he's heard enough and he's made his decision.

Katie returns to the apartment and tries to tell Brad about the camera crew and the show idea, but the camera crew interrupts. Katie then tells Brad that Kim wants to document their journey to having a baby. At first, he is not pleased, but Katie tells him if this works out, then he can get his old job back. When Katie tells Brad she wants to do this, he agrees to go along with it.

The Judge awards full custody of Johnny to Craig. This upsets Dusty a great deal, and he tries to go after the Judge, but he won't listen. Dusty wants to hit Craig, but Meg pulls him away before he can do so. Craig says he will be at the farm in an hour to pick up his son. Tom tells Dusty he will keep looking for other options for Dusty, but that Craig's being Johnny's biological father has a lot of weight.

Meg confronts Paul; she is very angry. She tells Paul she can't stand the sight of him. She tells him he has ruined Jennifer's last wish. She wonders how Barbara will feel when she hears Craig is raising her grandson. Meg storms off.

Dusty pulls Josie into another room and asks her why she told Paul why Dusty really married Meg. Josie tells him she thought it would calm him down and tells him she thought he wouldn't do anything stupid. Meg and Dusty leave and Josie and Paul watch.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Paul Learns of Meg and Dusty's Marriage

Paul calls Meg at the farm and asks her if he can see Eliza. She says it's not a good time, but at his persistence, she says she'll figure it out. Dusty reassures Meg he will keep her safe from Paul. She is worried about how Paul will react when he finds out she and Dusty have gotten married.

Jade tells Luke she feels bad about mooching off his mom without helping out. He suggests she get a job, and they look on Craigslist for job listings. Jade finds a job listing for an assistant position that requires no experience, but Luke tells her not to take it because Emily is so cruel to her assistants. Jade decides to apply for it anyway.

At the hospital, Casey asks Ali if she wants to go have dinner and listen to some music later. She tells him she doesn't want to be more than friends. Casey asks her why she can't just let things happen as they may and she finally admits that Emily has asked her to stay away from Casey. Casey is angry and leaves to confront Emily.

Paul is surprised when Dusty shows up with Eliza. He wonders where Meg is and why Dusty has brought Eliza. Dusty tells Paul he and Meg got married. Paul insists they couldn't have due to the divorce not being final, but Dusty tells him everything has been taken care of. Paul is not pleased. He gets Dusty to hand him Eliza and then tells Dusty the only way he will ever be able to touch Eliza again is if he pries her out of Paul's cold, dead hands.

Meg meets with a real estate agent at the Lakeview. She is excited with some of the prospects she is shown. She gets up to leave and runs into Josie. The real estate agent calls Meg back because she forgot her folder. Josie wonders what is going on, and Meg informs her she and Dusty got married. Josie is clearly upset by it, but denies she is hurt. Josie asks if anyone has told Paul, and Meg tells her Dusty offered to do so for her. Josie insists that both Paul and Dusty are obsessed with Meg.

Jade meets with Emily for an interview. Emily is not impressed at all by Jade's resume and makes several snide comments. While Emily is on her cell phone, the office phone rings. Jade answers it and takes a message. She thinks she's done something well, but Emily yells at her for not getting the man's number. Jade storms out of the interview. As she does so, she sees Casey go into Emily's office and slam the door.

Luke visits Ali at the hospital. He wants to know if she'll give Jade a reference for the job Emily is offering. Alison says she would, but she and her sister are on the outs. Luke asks if Casey is the problem and Alison admits he is. She tells Luke Emily has asked her to not date Casey, but Luke encourages her to go for it because Casey might be the right guy for her. Luke takes Alison up to the roof, reminding her that being locked on the roof with Noah helped get them back together. He tells Alison to come back in a little while and he'll have Casey there; he says the rest is up to her.

Casey yells at Emily and tells her to get out of his life. He demands to know why Emily cares who he dates when she is the one who ended their relationship. He storms out of the office and runs into Jade. Emily offers Jade a new job. She wants to pay Jade to go after Casey and to keep him away from Alison. Even though Emily offers to double the money, Jade turns her down. Emily offers to triple the money and Jade says she'll think about it and will get back to her.

Josie walks in on Dusty and Paul. She asks Dusty not to call the cops. Then, she convinces Paul to give Eliza back to Dusty. Josie assures Dusty this situation won't happen again and Dusty leaves. After he's gone, Josie and Paul commiserate about Meg and Dusty's marriage. Paul says he refuses to give up on Meg and that he has a plan to get Dusty back before he knows what hit him.

Luke calls Jade and asks her if she knows where Casey is. She says he's at Java. Luke asks her to bring Casey to the hospital roof so that he can get Casey and Alison together to work out their issues. Jade goes into Java and flatters Casey with a bunch of compliments when he confides in her about his troubles with Ali. When Casey goes to get them a couples of lattes, Jade calls Emily and tells her that she will take the job and she has already started.

Ali waits on the roof for Casey.

Dusty meets Meg back at the farm. Meg wonders how everything went at Paul's. Dusty tells her Paul didn't want him there, but he tells her it ended fine. He also tells her Josie came to Fairwinds, and Meg says she talked with Josie as well. She wonders if Josie will be all right, but Dusty says he'll deal with Josie after the hearing for Johnny.